Emergency LED Lights

Install Dimming Emergency LED lighting

  • If you have Fluorescent lighting in your Car Park and Fire Stairs you could be wasting over 80% of the energy consumed!
  • By using newly developed Microwave sensors on each LED tube, with a dimming circuit on 2 or 4 foot Dimming LED tubes fitted to Emergency and Standard luminaires, this technology can save over 80% of electricity compared to fluorescent lights.
  • A Dimming LED Oyster fitting is also available to replace 32W corridor fluorescent Oyster fittings which draws 18W on full illumination. This Oyster is also available with an Emergency circuit.
  • A standard 3 years manufacturer warranty applies to all our LED emergency and non-emergency lights.
  • The NSW Government ESS rebates apply to our fittings

How does it work?

Microwave sensors are installed on 2 or 4 foot LED emergency or non emergency LED Tubes in the Car Park and Fire stairs. The lights are normally dimmed to 30% of full luminance. This means the LED tube uses 5.4W for a standard 4 foot 18W (equivalent light output to a 36W fluorescent tube.)

SYN light roof

When people or vehicles enter or move in the Car Park or Fire stairs, the sensors instantly respond. The lights will be dimmed down after a programmed delay (set for between 5 and 30 minutes delay) to match the user experience.

Go herefor details on our Linear Emergency fittings: ECA PRO LSM IP65 fitting


LED Emergency Oyster light

  • Total Energy Savings of Over 90% Possible
  • Payback time is usually 9-18 months.
  • Suitable for retrofits or new buildings
  • Installation is by company trained electricians
  • Warranty on parts for 3 years
  • Designed and manufactured to Australian Quality Standards

Go here for details on our Emergency Oyster lights: ECA PRO Oyster