Let us brighten up your life – with LED Lighting

Minerva iconWe are Energy Warriors – we attack your power bills

Welcome to Energy Cost Attack where reducing your power bill is at the heart of what we do.

  • We reduce your energy bills by 60-90% depending on the lighting application. We are leaders in Dimming technologies for LED lights.
  • We greatly reduce your maintenance bills, especially for Emergency lights.
  • We permanently remove mercury from your built environment – and properly recycle any mercury laden fluorescent lights so the mercury is captured.

Tim Etheridge is a Strata lighting specialist.  He has worked in LED lighting for strata properties, exclusively for the last 4 years.

Tim is a member of  Strata Community of Australia.SCA State Logo POS_NSW

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FACILITIES MANAGERS – Get on board with the Fluoro disposal machine that works.  Crush 1,300 4 Foot fluorescent tubes into a 200 litre drum, safely.  Go here to find out more….


AirCycle VRS-U Tube Crusher

Now in use by Santos Mining to clean up their mine sites.  Ask for an introduction to gauge their opinion.  (they are very happy with the machine, as it crushes it’s way through containers full of spent fluoro tubes.)